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With the win he surpassed the most legendary Filipino boxer of all time Gabriel Flash Ellorde as the longest reigning Filipino champ with 35 wins, 7 consecutive successful title defenses in 7 years. We use seven consecutive years as the yardstick since Bai Elorde was world junior lightweight champion for seven consecutive years from to Photo by Jude Bautista The thing is Donnie plans to go way beyond that record and make his own mark in the world of boxing. Although odds makers had Nietes ahead, one can never be too sure with the KO power and heart of a Mexican fighter. Parra clinches to stop the punishment. An indication of the power of Nietes and damage it caused was Parra clinching as early as the first round. In round 2, Nietes had clearly tagged Parra but would answer with several hard body shots of his own. Parra lands body shot, Nietes returns w right cross and Parra tries to run away from barrage of heavy punches. Photo by Jude Bautista Donnie Nietes lands brutal combo after combo.

May 2015 Nurse Licensure Exam (NLE) Results

Local journalists who covered the airport at the time had been herded by military men to the entrance to the tube where they were to await Aquino. When they learned of the commotion at the tarmac, they interviewed the disembarking passengers to ask them what happened. One conversation was that of Burton and a Filipino.

We had just seen two assassinations take place right outside our window. Pascual returned to Manila for the late former Senator Atty. But the Filipinos stayed two golds behind Malaysia which captured a pair of golds at the start of the final swim program to keep fourth place.

Apr 20,  · Claudine and husband Raymart Santiago got into a scuffle with journalist Mon Tulfo at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3. The fight started when Santiago allegedly tried to grab Tulfo’s cellphone.

This is the earliest submission of a proposed budget since the Ramos administration. As provided in the Constitution, the President is required to submit the proposed budget to Congress within a month after the start of regular session. Section 22, Article VII The early submission of the proposed budget, the second budget crafted under the Duterte administration, will allow Congress more time to closely examine and scrutinize it before passing it into law.

Part of the education sector budget will fund the construction of 47, classrooms, the repair and rehabilitation of 18, classrooms, purchase of 84, school seats, and creation of 81, teaching positions. The budget for Government Assistance and Subsidies for students and teachers has been increased from P The budget for the education sector will also fund the Education Service Contracting Program which will allow 1, , deserving elementary graduates to study in private Junior High Schools, as well as the Voucher Program, which will enable 1, , Senior High School students to enroll in specialized tracks in private or public universities and colleges.

The government is also targeting to fully implement the Unified Financial Assistance System UniFAST Act, which will integrate government-funded financial assistance programs for college students. The sizable allocation given to the DPWH and DOTr will allow the government to intensify its numerous projects aimed at improving mobility and connectivity in the country, decongesting urban areas, and establishing modern and economical transport systems for the public.

This amount is an increase of The allocation puts the infrastructure budget at 6. New roads and highways will be built through an allocation of P

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Babala asawa ni Babalu ni Vina kay Shaina: Huwag mo akong uunahang magpakasal! Parehong walang karelasyon ngayon ang pretty sisters pero panay naman ang tanggap nila ng mga manliligaw. Pinapayuhan din daw ni Vina si Shaina pagdating sa lovelife. Pero binuking niya maraming manliligaw si Shaina but mostly non-showbiz.

A quick review of Senator Santiago’s demeanour when the rep from the LTA was in the box vs her reaction when the sheriff was in, shows a big contrast. When the camera spanned and showed reactions of the senators during the sheriff’s testimony, their facial .

For this week, the contestants were asked to perform two songs — one from the s and a British song. It didn’t really quite sit with me,” he said. Judge Jennifer Lopez disagreed, saying Sanchez looked so grown-up when she got on stage tonight that she forgot she is only 16 years old. As for judge Steven Tyler, he said Sanchez did her magic again by building the song up when she started it slow and stepped it up by stretching out her vocals making her over all performance sound great.

I’m hearing the blues come out of you,” said Tyler. While Jackson did not give Sanchez high praises during the first round, Jackson said the Filipino-Mexican singer definitely made a comeback in round two with her performance of Joe Cocker’s “You Are So Beautiful. You’re going to be No.

A guide to this year’s MMFF entries

Unlike previous years, I had been able to catch various indie film fests this year. There are a number of films in this year-end list which had their premieres in past film festivals, but I only caught their commercial runs in , and these are noted accordingly. While shooting though, a freak accident happens that sends Jane into a nightmarish world she could not seem to escape from. Jerrold Tarog takes a very simple core story and weaves this mind-boggling maze of creepy visuals and psychotic ideations.

Casting Iza Calzado in the lead role as Jane is another stroke of genius, as the parallelisms between reality and film were simply so uncanny. She’s gone beyond anything I had seen her do as an actress prior to this.

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Year End Review is coming to a close and judging the Philippines’ performance in different beauty fronts and venues, Philippines still come up on top of the beauty totem pole. Acclaimed Country of the Year in , Philippines continued its winning streak in , and in it was still the country to beat. The winnings may not be that exciting as in , but comparing it with the beauty output of other countries, Philippines still has a better batting average. Consider these winnings and placements: Karen Ibasco- Miss Earth Winner 2.

Gay World Winner 5. International Winner Tourism International Winner Agnes Jakosalem- Grandma Universe Winner Gilana Maningas- Cinderella Miniature Winner

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Politics make strange bedfellows By Cathy C. Same thing with a former Coryista, Laguna Gov. Two seats to their left was Sen.


Chua Reporter Christmas in the Philippines — known for being long and festive — is never truly complete without families the children flush with cash from their godparents and other assorted relatives trooping to the cinemas come Dec. The festival runs for two weeks — from Dec. Which also means that competition to be chosen as a festival entry is fierce. Jericho Rosales is the island lover in Siargao. Cris Villonco and Aicelle Santos in a scene from Larawan.

This year, people helming the festival decided to bring back the tried and true franchises, much to the displeasure of some committee members. Life went on and people behind Smaller and Smaller Circles decided to release the film on their own on Dec. The backers of Ang Larawan decided to stay the course and eventually won a spot in the festival after re-submitting it as a finished film.

List of passers in Physical Therapist and Occupational Therapist Licensure exams

Getting cutting edge in medical thrillers? A tsamba which nobody knew how to handle. Yeah, it was probably serendipity that 3 cute Pinoy LT’s were created at the same period that they were noticed in various geographical areas in the world, reaping adulations not normally accorded to previous Pinoy or any Asian loveteams. Proving that physically, the beautiful among the Filipinos will be more readily acceptable in more disparate geographical areas of the world than the usual Asian stereotypes.

But a short look at the history of loveteam making in the Philippines would confirm that cute loveteams coming too far in between was the norm in Philippine, particularly ABS-CBN, loveteam making.

People have doubted Manny’s readiness for this fight because of lack of focus and lack of training. Still, he proved that he is the best there is, lasting the entire game, giving Margarito two big lumps and a terrible-looking cut, plus a fracture right cheek.

Tessie Paglinawan and Mr. She has worked as a Nurse in Milagros since Her altruistic act and great community service together with other RHU staff is obviously worthy of commendation. Unfortunately, this amazing opportunity to serve her people is a bit shaky due to politicized issues out of her control. The chance of being relocated is strong. She brought honor not only to her De Jesus and Paglinawan Family but to Milagros as well, when she placed top 18th in the Nursing Licensure Examination.

What is the most beautiful thing about you? My sense of humor GAS: Name one person you dislike.

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